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Aero Platform Pedal

Aero Platform Pedal

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Elevate your cycling performance with Aero® Premium Platform Pedals, designed to take your riding to the next level. These pedals are not only wider and lightweight but also incredibly durable, ensuring a secure and comfortable ride. Discover why Aero® Premium Platform Pedals are the perfect choice for your mountain biking adventures.

Wider Platform & Lightweight

Aero® Premium Platform Pedals feature an extra-wide platform, measuring 116.11mm in width and 136mm in length. This wider design offers enhanced security and stability for your feet, keeping them firmly in place during your ride. What's more, these pedals are incredibly lightweight, weighing only 416g per pair. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy expenditure and hello to effortless riding.

Durable & Stable

Crafted with pedals body made from nylon composite fiber material and cr-mo steel spindle, Aero® Premium Platform Pedals are built to endure the toughest trails. Their high-strength and anti-corrosion properties ensure stability and longevity, making them an ideal choice for the avid mountain biker.

Anti-Skid & Great Grips

Aero® Premium Platform Pedals come equipped with ten anti-skid nails on each side, enhancing friction and providing exceptional grip. Even on rainy days and bumpy roads, you can ride with confidence, knowing your feet will stay firmly planted on the pedals. These pedals maintain their grip, even when covered in a thick layer of mud after a muddy ride.

Sealed Bearing

Sealed DU bearings protect the spindles from water and dust, ensuring the pedals spin smoothly and quietly. No matter the conditions or how dirty your ride gets, Aero® Premium Platform Pedals will keep performing flawlessly. Enjoy a silent and smooth cycling experience, even in the rain or during challenging climbs.

Easy Installation

Aero® Premium Platform Pedals are incredibly easy to install, with a simple "cr-l" for the left pedal and "cr-r" for the right pedal. The universal standard cr-mo steel spindle makes them suitable for a wide range of bike types, including mountain bikes, folding bikes, road bicycles, fixed gears, BMX, MTBs, cruisers, cyclocross bikes, and more. Your dream ride is just a pedal swap away.


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