Kids Sizing Guide

Suitable for 2-4 years of age: 12-inch wheels
A balance bike or push bike provides a great platform to learn on as they can be ridden from a young age and teach children balance and coordination. These bikes do not have pedals and are propelled and stopped by your child’s feet, rather than a drivetrain and brakes. Things to look for are overall weight, tubed tyres and an adjustable saddle that allows room for growth.

Suitable for 4-6 years of age: 16-inch wheels
This category sees your child moving to a bike with pedals, brakes and a single-speed drivetrain. As your child is young, the lighter the bike the easier it is to pedal and handle. Consider an aluminium frame as it is lighter than steel.

Suitable for 5-8 years of age: 20-inch wheels
The first step towards a real mountain bike with geared drivetrains, working suspension forks and powerful brakes. These features allow your kids to ride all terrains with ease and really enjoy their riding.

Suitable for 7-11 years of age: 24-inch wheels
This size offers all the benefits of full-size bikes in terms of design and spec with the only difference being that the bike is optimized for smaller wheels. Quality suspension forks and a wider range of gears increase the capability of these bikes.

Suitable for 10+ years of age: 26-inch wheels
26” Bikes cater for the older segment of the Junior market. Whilst we’ve progressed to 29ers, the 26” wheel size is still the wheel size of choice for many young riders. Manufacturers have now combined small frames with 26” wheels to create the perfect bike for growing kids. At this level, you should be looking at suspension, brakes, drivetrain, tyre options and build quality. Generally, the more you spend the better the bike you will get.

Thankfully, the Titan Racing team pays as much attention to spec levels in our Junior range as we do our pro bikes to ensure the best bang for your buck.