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Tufo Hi-Composite Carbon 25 700x25c

Tufo Hi-Composite Carbon 25 700x25c

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The Hi Composite Carbon is one of Tufo's Special line of tubular tires designed for high performance and a reasonable price. The Hi-Composite Carbon incorporates a higher carbon content in the tread material and a special composite-material flat-protection barrier, allowing a thinner tread to be used while still retaining good wear properties. The thin tread reduces rolling resistance and improved road feel, making this a great tire for road and stage races.

The Hi-Composite Carbon Tubular features a 240 TPI casing beneath the tread. It's available in 700c x 22mm (175 psi max) and 700c x 25mm (115 psi max) and weighs 260g / 300g respectively.

The product weight specified is an approximate weight based on the manufacturer's specifications (if available) or our measurement of one or two examples. For most products, the weight will typically vary by 5% to 10%.

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