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Ritchey VentureMax Carbon Gravel Handlebar

Ritchey VentureMax Carbon Gravel Handlebar

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This new VentureMax model is the first Ritchey gravel bar to be blessed with the SuperLogic treatment. Like its legendary alloy siblings, this carbon fiber beauty delivers unmatched gravel experiences thanks to its short reach, shallow drop and purposeful flare. And because of its lightweight carbon construction, its comfort and control are multiplied.

The SuperLogic VentureMax features ergo-aero 38×22.5mm ergonomic tops for a more comfortable hand placement, a wide 24-degree flare at the drops for a more natural arm position, and an updated Bio-bend in the drops that is more gentle for increased practical comfort for all that time you’re in the drops. Full internally routed, or partially routed if you prefer, the VentureMax is compatible with a Shimano EW-RS910 junction box.

Additionally, the SuperLogic VentureMax is the first Ritchey gravel handlebar to go through our new proprietary gravel testing process where the bar is rigorously subjected to a series of impact-followed-by-fatigue testing cycles to ensure the bar can handle anything you, or the universe, can throw at it.

Built upon decades of off-road adventures, the subject of relentless testing, and inspired by life, the SuperLogic VentureMax offers comfort and confidence to legions of riders looking to settle in and have some fun on those dirty drop bar adventures.

• Redesigned Bio-bend

• Full or partial internal cable routing

• Width is measured at the initial bend rather than at the hood

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