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Oakley Radar Ev XS

Oakley Radar Ev XS

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The Oakley Radar EV XS is a milestone among cycling glasses for children, women and men with a narrow face. This Oakley Radar EV XS Prizm cycling glasses are a smaller version of the Oakley Radar EV. Like its larger counterpart, the Radar EV XS is the successor to the legendary Oakley Radar with many upgrades, only a size smaller. After decades of research and testing with world’s best athletes, it turned out that the lens frame was partly in cyclists’ field of view. Oakley got down to work on this and designed a larger lens that provides a better and larger field of view. Another new addition are new “surge” ports to retain a cooling stream of air. The lightweight yet incredibly sturdy frame is created with Oakley’s own O-Matter material. Combined with the HDO and Plutonite lens material, this results in better protection for your eyes. But most importantly, these glasses were engineered specifically for children and people with narrow head shapes. In short: say goodbye to your old Radar, because the new Radar EV XS Prizm is far better! This Radar EV builds on the legend created by the old Radar: “The king is dead, long live the king.”

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