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Magura MT Trail SL Carbon Brakeset

Magura MT Trail SL Carbon Brakeset

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Magura’s definition of trail braking performance - 4 pistons in the front for maximum braking power, 2 pistons in the rear for perfect modulation. Thanks to the 1-finger HC Carbolay® lever blade the whole brake just weighs 230 grams (average). E-Bike ready.

The outstanding performance of the MT7 with the low weight of the MT8 results in excellent trail performance.

Weighing in at 230 grams (average) the MT Trail SL is 8 % lighter than the MT7 and just 15 % heavier than the MT8 (200 grams), but still provides 100 % trail performance.

Through the Carbolay® lever and handlebar clamp, the MT Trail SL has a shiny deep-black carbon design on the handlebars and high-gloss chrome on the brake caliper.

Features of Magura MT Trail SL

  • full-carbon brake lever
  • ergonomic 1-finger lever blade
  • forged 4-piston aluminum brake caliper at front
  • forged 2-piston aluminum brake caliper at rear
  • magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement
  • weighs only 220 / 240 grams (rear / front)
  • compatible with all Magura Storm and Storm SL brake discs


Technologies of the Magura MT Trail SL disc brake

Carbotecture® SL:
Compared to Magura's conventional Carbotecture® material, a mixture of high-tech polymers and carbon or glass fibers, for Carbotecture® SL medium-length carbon fibers are integrated into the polyamides instead of short ones in order to further increase resistance and reduce weight at the same time. Carbotecture® SL offers significant advantages over the classic lightweight material aluminum: It is just as tensile and break-resistant with more than 50 % less weight.

Weight Ratio Performance:
Magura brakes are characterized by their high degree of thermal resistance, achieved through optimal weight allocation. This is optimal material usage and best-in-class lightweight construction where it's really needed.

Magnetic pistons fit perfectly into the brake caliper, guaranteeing quick and easy brake pad replacement.

Shift Mix (optional):
With help of the optional Magura's Shift Mix lever clamps Shimano (Shiftmix 1 + 2 / I-Spec I + II) and SRAM (Shiftmix 3 / X9, X0, XX) triggers can be mounted directly to the brake levers in order to accomplish a tidier cockpit.

OPD: Caliper in one-piece design.

EBT | Easy Bleed Technology: Easy and fast bleeding.

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